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According to Canadian Business Magazine, December 2013 issue, job growth for 2014 includes the skilled trades. The article states that skilled trade postings were up 40% and that one out of every five job postings in Canada targets the skilled trades.

Welding, a serious skilled trade with much opportunity. It is a valuable and needed occupation with many faces and levels. It should not be surprising that it appeals to many young and not so young people, male and female alike.

Welding is changing. It is adapting, dynamic, and challenging. It applies new knowledge and scientific principles, and it is constantly expanding its frontiers.

Welding is a skill and a trade that is very useful. Welding or things that have been welded, are everywhere. From small precision welding of computer components, all the way up to skyscrapers and massive bridges. Your fridge, stove, car, elevator, or the bus or commuter train you use daily, are all things that have been welded.

Many opportunities are available in welding. Working in this profession can be exciting and satisfying, if you practice and become proficient.

Welding is an occupation with growth and the opportunities to apply this skilled trade are everywhere. Experts predict a large shortage of qualified welders in the next few years and many companies now report difficulty finding welders. This makes Welding an excellent choice for those who prefer a hands-on occupation with steady available work.

Specific training is required to learn and practice the skills needed for the various welding processes. Qualifying trainees are requested to pass examinations and become certified in the particular field they choose before being able to apply for certain jobs.

A certification is your passport to more demanding and better-paying jobs. You can accumulate any number and type of certifications, demonstrating expertise and versatility. The more certifications you earn, the better.

The Institute of Technical Trades has been training welders for 45 years. This hands-on trade school offers students solid welding training and CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certification testing. They offer training and certification in up to 12 different welding procedures and TSSA on plate and pipe. Graduates are earning from $19.00 to $40.00 per hours.


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Written by: Kathy Young

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