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With summer just around the corner, many Canadians will be spending more time outdoors enjoying the weather, but unfortunately, this can also mean more cuts, scrapes and burns. To help, Target Pharmacy has compiled a list of recommended items for your at-home first aid kit to ensure you’re ready for summer safety. If you’re travelling, it’s also important to consider having a first aid kit in your car or at your vacation destination like cottages or campsites.

Must-haves for your at-home first aid kit:

• Variety of different-sized bandages

• Sterile gauze pads

• Adhesive tape

• Tensor bandage

• Scissors and tweezers

• Antiseptic/antibacterial wash

• Instant ice packs

• Disposable non-latex gloves

• Pain relievers

If you or someone you are with does get a scrape or cut, it is important that it be treated properly and as quickly as possible to avoid infection. When treating wounds, use this three-step process to ensure fast healing:

• Clean – Wash away dirt and germs: Thoroughly flush and clean the affected area with mild soap and water or an antiseptic wash and allow to dry.

• Treat – Prevent infection: Apply an antibiotic ointment or cream to the affected area one to three times daily until healed to prevent infection and to keep it moist to decrease scarring.

• Cover – Protect for faster healing: Cover affected area with an adhesive bandage and keep it protected until the wound is completely healed. This protects the wound from dirt and germs that can cause infection, thereby helping to promote fast healing.

If there is large amount of bleeding, the wound looks like it could be infected, or if it is taking a long time to heal, visit your local Target Pharmacy to speak with an in-store pharmacist who can provide expert advice so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors.

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