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Chantal Desloges, Immigration Lawyer:

@Twimmigration – LOVING IT – New Citizenship bill stiffens the penalties for fraud and counselling fraud.

Nick Noorani, Managing Partner – Prepare for Canada:

“”I congratulate the government on its changes Citizenship Act that combat residency fraud and ensure new Canadians have a stronger connection to Canada. With the changes announced today, processing times will be improved and new Canadians will be ready to fully participate in Canadian life.””

Martin Collacott, Centre for Immigration Policy Reform and Former Canadian Ambassador in Asia and the Middle East:

“”The government’s new citizenship legislation addresses a host of long overdue issues relating to the acquisition of citizenship. Its provisions, such as strengthening residency requirements for applicants, will increase the value and meaning of Canadian citizenship and will be warmly welcomed by both Canadians and newcomers serious about becoming full members of the Canadian family.””

Gillian Smith – Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Canadian Citizenship:

“”Our organization works extensively with Canada’s newest citizens who tell us that measures taken to foster their attachment and connection to Canada have a positive effect on their successful integration. New citizens’ sense of belonging comes in large measure from experiencing Canada first-hand—its people, nature, culture and heritage.””

Sheryl Saperia, B.A., J.D., MSc. – Director of Policy (Canada), Foundation for Defense of Democracies:

“”Terrorists pledge their allegiance not to the country issuing the passport—but to ideologies that will not hesitate to use terrible violence to pursue their goals. In demonstrating such allegiance, which goes to the very heart of the social contract, they should not be provided with the privileges of Canadian citizenship that could be used to cause death and destruction in Canada or any other country.””

Bronwen Evans – Managing Director, True Patriot Love:

“”True Patriot Love welcomes any initiative that recognizes the important contributions made by our men and women in uniform. We welcome the government’s changes to the Citizenship Act that fast-track citizenship for Canadian Forces members and grant citizenship to their children born abroad while serving our country.””

Bill Janzen – Consultant, Central Mennonite Committee:

“”I welcome the government’s decision to include “Lost Canadians” in their changes to the Citizenship Act. The decision will improve the situation of people born outside of Canada who until now were deemed ineligible for Canadian citizenship because of the born-in-wedlock provisions in the 1947 Canadian Citizenship Act.””

Nano ‏@nanotechsavvy
@MinChrisA Congratulations to our dearest MP of Pickering for all the good reform made to the citizenship law.

Michael Parsa ‏@MichaelParsa
@MinChrisA Great job Minister!

BeyondYears ‏@BeyondYears
@MinChrisA This is fantastic because many honest immigrants paid the price of fraud cases from Residency Questionnaires to very long processing times.

Mark ‏@markabel5
@MinChrisA @calxandr Great and very needed reforms! Gov’t needs to address birth tourism as well though.
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