Opportunities for skilled welders in Canada abound

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Opportunities for skilled welders in Canada abound as billions of dollars of infrastructure, shipbuilding, and energy projects get underway from coast to coast, the demand for welders in Canada is at the highest level in recent memory.

Welding is a critical part of industry, contributing well over $5 billion to the Canadian economy and employing over 300,000 individuals. Without welding, most of the modern things we all take for granted would not exist, including the car you drive, the chair you sit in, the building you work in, and the fridge in your home.

“The future success of key Canadian industries depends on a growing pool of qualified welders,” says Dan Tadic, the executive director of the Canadian Welding Association, “and with a looming shortage of people in this skilled trade, training has never been such a critical issue.”

Tadic points out that for 65 years, the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) has been at the forefront of maintaining public safety. It ensures regulated standards and best practices are met by the companies constructing our buildings and critical infrastructure. As a not-for-profit organization, the CWB is nationally responsible for the certification of welding companies, welding consumables, and the qualification of welders.

To protect the interests of the public, all of the skilled individuals who work for a CWB certified company must be re-qualified every two years. A welder’s salary in Canada can range from $17 per hour to over $40 per hour depending on their level of specialization and where they choose to work.

More information on certification is available at www.cwbgroup.org.


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