New Welcome to Canada Guide for Canadian Newcomers

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Welcome to Canada Guide for Canadian Newcomers

The new Welcome to Canada guide is Canada’s official immigration handbook for new Canadian immigrants.

Recently in Vancouver Immigration Minister Jason Kenney unveiled Canada’s new Welcome to Canada Guide filled with practical information for newcomers to Canada to help them settle, Integrate, and succeed in Canada. The revamped Welcome to Canada guide is Canada’s official immigration handbook for new Canadian immigrants.

The immigration guide is a great resource for new immigrants to utilize before and after arriving in Canada.  The new Welcome to Canada guide extensively overhauled to assist immigrants while they prepare for Canada is also filled with resources for newcomers who have recently immigrated and looking to find information and services for new immigrants to help them find their way around their new community after they arrive in Canada.

The Welcome to Canada immigration guide was first introduced in 1997; the new guide is twice the volume as the first edition. Information such as, how to find language instruction for newcomers to Canada, basic information about Canada’s education system, laws and the justice system.

““Our Government is committed to ensuring newcomers to Canada integrate and succeed in the Canadian economy and society as soon as possible,”” said Minister Kenney, speaking at the MOSAIC settlement service centre. “The new edition of Welcome to Canada shows our commitment to helping the citizens of tomorrow experience a smoother transition into their new community and into the Canadian workforce.””

This edition of the Welcome to Canada guide contains examples of immigrants to Canada who have successfully integrated such as Nick Noorani, himself an immigrant and an expert who specializes in immigrant integration and career outcomes.

““It is a huge honor and privilege for me to have had a chance to work on this publication,”” said Mr. Noorani. “Canada has given me more than I could ever have dreamed of and through my experiences I can help future immigrants succeed in Canada and this guide is a big part of that.””

The New Welcome to Canada guide is available in PDF or E-book format at


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