Canadian immigrants: Get help with filing your income tax and benefit return

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(NC) Canada welcomes over 250,000 new Canadian immigrants annually, offering opportunities for newcomers from around the globe. While moving to Canada can be an exciting time, it can also present a steep learning curve. This includes learning about completing and sending in an annual income tax and benefit return – which is important to receive family-related benefits and credits and the GST/HST. Maricel and Joseph migrated to Canada from the Philippines with their two children, Julius and Hazel in 2015. While settling down in a new country has its challenges, they are enjoying the many benefits of living in Canada. Their children are enrolled in local public schools and are learning skating at the community centre. Maricel and Joseph are aware that these benefits are possible because of taxes. They are happy to pay their dues, but need some help since they will be submitting a tax return for the first time.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) collaborates with community organizations to offer free tax clinics for individuals with modest income and simple tax situations. This program, known as the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) has been offered by settlement organizations and community centres all over Canada for 45 years. Every year the CVITP helps over half a million eligible individuals file their tax returns.

Maricel and Joseph got in touch with a settlement centre that participates in the CVITP, and they are getting the help they need to submit their tax return and get access to the benefits and credits for which they may be eligible. If you are one of the thousands of eligible individuals who need a hand completing and sending in your income tax and benefit return, go to

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