Canada’s Finance Ministers Meeting to Deliver Real Change for Canadians

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Finance Minister Bill Morneau today announced that Canada’s Finance Ministers will be meeting in Ottawa on December 20-21, 2015 to collaboratively advance their shared priorities and deliver real positive progress on issues that matter to Canadians.

The agenda for the meeting will include:

A presentation by Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz on the global economy and Canadian monetary policy
Federal, provincial and territorial priorities
The Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
The Canada Child Benefit (CCB)
Other issues
The meeting will take place at the Department of Finance Canada building at 90 Elgin Street in Ottawa.

“My aim is to see Canada’s Finance Ministers working together in a renewed spirit of cooperation to bring about positive change on issues that matter to Canadians. I look forward to our first meeting as a vital opportunity to advance our shared priorities across a range of fronts, including inclusive economic growth, retirement income security, child benefits, infrastructure, and fiscal sustainability. Going forward, I am committed to ensuring that our cooperative efforts are sustained, realistic, prudent and affordable. We will keep Canadians informed of our progress in a way that is accurate and transparent. And together, we will work tirelessly to honour the trust that Canadians have given us.”
– Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance

Quick Facts
The Government of Canada and the provinces are the joint stewards of the CPP, with major changes to the Plan requiring the formal consent of the Parliament of Canada, as well as 7 out of 10 provinces (including Quebec) representing two-thirds of the population of the 10 provinces.

The Government of Canada’s proposed new CCB would build on the existing Canada Child Tax Benefit and National Child Benefit Supplement, while replacing the Universal Child Care Benefit. It will be implemented with a view to ensuring that the new benefit is simpler, tax-free, more generous, and better targeted to families who need it most.

The Government of Canada will develop a 10-year plan to deliver significant new funding to provinces, territories and municipalities. This plan would support both immediate increased spending on infrastructure and long-term, predictable funding.

source: Department of Finance Canada

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