Jobs for new immigrants in Canada – Government funded job programs helping skilled newcomers

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The Federal and provincial Government of Canada recently funded job programs for skilled newcomers to create jobs for new immigrants in Canada in the Kitchener Waterloo Region. The three Ontario programs to assist skilled immigrants find jobs in their field of choice received a $1.68-million funding boost Government of Canada. Kitchener Centre MPP John Milloy made the announcement at the Doon campus of Conestoga College located in Kitchener.

The primary goal of the job training programs is to help skilled immigrants new to Canada get the training and support to find the best jobs in their fields after participating in the programs. Government officials said the program will help over 500 skilled newcomers to Kitchener.

Two of the Ontario job programs to find Jobs for new immigrants to Canada emphasis are health care related, with the intention of getting qualified health care professionals to settle and practice in the region of Kitchener. The third project a new Canadian employment connections program helps newcomers in Canada.

The University of Waterloo’s international optometric bridging program received $942,000, while Conestoga College received $200,000 for its bridge to practical nursing program for internationally trained health professionals and the Immigration Partnership’s new Canadian employment connections program, a program that connects trained new immigrants find the best employers through internships, workshops and networking opportunities received $540,000.

Across the province of Ontario the government of Canada has funded approximately seventy different training programs for skilled newcomers that primarily focus on occupation-specific resources to support and assist new immigrants to Canada with licensure preparation to better adapt their skill sets to meet the required standards for employment in Canada while helping to boost the Canadian economy.

The University of Waterloo’s international optometric bridging program:

Over 200 newcomers to Canada have completed the optometric bridging program over the past seven years at The University of Waterloo; the program prepares foreign-trained optometrists for the exam to achieve their Canadian optometry licence to practice in Canada.

Conestoga’s College Bridge to Practical Nursing for Internationally Trained Health Professionals:

Conestoga College received $200,000 for its bridge to practical nursing program for internationally trained health professionals. This program is fast-tracked and provides Internationally Trained Health Professionals with four-months of specific nursing education and clinical experience as well as an intensive English language module, the program also includes career-building communication skills along with training for nurses and other health-care professionals to upgrade their skills.

In his statements Kitchener Centre MPP John Milloy said, reducing the barriers for internationally trained immigrants doesn’t just help them find employment, “It’s the benefit we all receive from new Canadians and all they bring to our country,”.

“Skilled newcomers in our community will benefit from these bridge training projects by getting the training, skills and support they need to help them fast track their way into the workforce. They are an essential part of strengthening Ontario’s economy.”

Written by: A Spencer: New to Canada.Com

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